The Consumed Series is continuous and ever-growing creative concept that illustrates the perceived American lifestyle and current mass culture. These works are a narrative consumer motif documenting consumers and their relationship to possessions. This cultural framework is juxtaposed against symbols and shapes that magnify objectified culture, reducing figures and possessions to flat objects. These objects and symbols push the viewer to reconcile individual identity as a servant to a lifestyle dictated by advertising images. These works further exaggerate consumer trends by presenting waste and pollution from degenerate consumer society.  My work is an exaggeration of our current society as a mindless pop culture, subjugated by capitalism. I mesh images together to create a dialog, staging graphics and figures to articulate perceived desire. Ultimately creating paintings that appear identical to lifestyle advertisements. Through the construction of these designs, I present neither a positive or negative view but instead an inflated view of American culture. The powerful connection consumers have to material possessions and the consumption of goods to enhance our identity is the artificial setting this body of work manifests. 

PAST WORK 2012-2015

┬ę 2017 Dustin Joyce. 

´╗┐Professional Artist & Designer.